Testimonials from Our Clients

Thank you for allowing us to share our passion with you! 

"Working with Kiera has changed my life for the better. She meets me where I am at, and goes above and beyond the call of duty to help me become stronger. She inspires me, and educates me!"

Carrie Duquin

"I always look forward to Pilates classes taught by Kiera and Amanda. Each Pilates class they teach are unique, challenging and fun. I highly recommend attending a class that Kiera and Amanda instruct to anyone looking for highly qualified Pilates instructors. They will give you the confidence to succeed, gain strength and improve your overall fitness level."

Trisha Lembke

"Kiera is THE BEST Pilates instructor! Not only does she understand the principles of Pilates and proper alignment, she understands how each client is unique and will meet you where you're at. Kiera understands when to push you further to make you stronger, while simultaneously leaving you feeling calmer and overall better physically, mentally, and emotionally. As a fitness instructor myself- I can honestly say, Kiera is in a league of her own. Cannot recommend her enough!"

Bridget Eimer

"Amanda and Kiera are Pilates professionals dedicated to helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle-physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Their passion and commitment to health, well-being and Pilates principles is exhibited by enthusiastic, energetic and thoughtful instruction. 

They are meticulous with their content and form. I have high benefited form their kindness and instruction."

Paul Edmond

Stretch Yoga Pose

"When you get, give.
When you learn, teach."

Maya Angelou