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Injury, Illness, or Trauma

"I feel like my body is falling apart." 

""'ll never be able to do that again."

"I've never felt the same since that injury."

"Even though I experienced the injury, it seems like everything else is getting hurt."

"My digestion has not been the same since that trauma."

If you've ever thought or said one or more of these things, I can help you. Click the button below to book a call with Kiera.

My Story

Growing up I was a competitive athlete. I dreamt of playing college basketball, but in sophomore year of high school I sustained a sport ending injury. Not only were my dreams of pursuing an athletic career dashed, but I didn't feel like myself in my own skin. I wanted my body back! 

I did all of the things that professionals told me I 'should' do- I went to months of Physical Therapy, and even with all of that effort I was still in pain. Instead of feeling good I was scared and frustrated and stayed in that space fore y e a r s.

I knew that jogging was the one thing that didn't require too much upper body, and I could do it with kids in tow. It was a fall day, and I was pushing my two and three year old in the running stroller down the sidewalk. It was a beautiful, crisp, sunny fall day and the kids were laughing and having a great time in the stroller, but I was miserable. My body hurt. I was frustrated with my body, my results, and my energy levels. It was in that moment I realized that Physical Therapy had not been enough for me, nor had running. I was open to trying anything that would work because what I had been doing needed to be different. 

It was then that I decided to go to the local gym to get proper instruction, and it just so happened the most conducive class for my schedule was a Pilates class.

  • I was no longer in pain

  • I built upper body strength

  • I had abs

  • My knees and back no longer hurt

  • No more chiropractor 

  • No more PT

Once I accepted my body - weaknesses and injuries, but also strengths, is when I loved the journey, and became curious, rather than the end goal and destination. 

I was empowered to try new things, and be curious about my own capabilities. 

I found mental, emotional and spiritual grace in this process!


If this story sounds similar to yours, let's connect.

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