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Join us live on ZOOM.US! Registration is necessary to access online class.
If you can not make the class time, shoot us a note and you’ll receive the class link with in 24 hours. Links are good for 48 hours once sent. See Class level description below. Don't Forget, we have a full library of on demand work outs!


60 minutes

Monday with Props (Level 2-3) @ 8:00 am

*small ball and Pilates ring used, pillow and belt can be substituted

Tuesday (Level 2-3) @ 7:30 am

Wednesday (Level 1-2) @ 7:30 am

Thursday (Level 2-3) @ 8:00am 

A dynamic experience for total body strengthening with an emphasis on movement from the core.   Mat Pilates requires a disciplined mind for powerful results.


Pilates on the MOTR

Fridays @ 7:30am (Level 2-3)

Using the MOTR®, this class combines Mat Pilates and Reformer classics for a fresh take on core strengthening and balance work.



Class Guide

Level 1

For individuals beginning Pilates, those with restrictions, sore, tired, or a generally looking to feel refreshed after class. Props are used as assistance.

Level 2

Individuals who are adept to Pilates principles and terms, seeking more strength based class, and for days that feel energetic. Props are used as resistance.

Level 3

Athletes, competitors, and highly active people who like their limits challenged and endurance provoked. Props are used for strength-based resistance.



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