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Getting in shape doesn't need to be so hard.

I know that you don't need to spend more time grinding in the gym for the results you are seeking. In fact, you're probably here because what you've been doing has not been working.

Here, I'll teach you how recovery and restoration are just as essential as resistance training.


Gone are the days of overtraining and under-nourishing. Gone are the days of feeling depleted and uninspired with yesterday's gym injuries worn as a badge of courage! 

The Iron 9 community and company models after the proverb, "Iron sharpens iron, as one friend sharpens another."  The 9 represents the 9 principles of Pilates, which are the foundation for creating effective workouts, strong minds, and powerful bodies.

We invite you; Come as you are! 

swan with ball.jpg
swan with ball.jpg

No Equipment Pilates Anytime, Anywhere.

You are worth the results you want. Get stronger, leaner, and more confident with less time, more energy, and less money.

The fitness industry teaches us that in order to get results we want we should expect to spend an unreasonable time in the gym, deplete the energy that we have, and spend a substantial amount of money on gym membership commitments.

I am so passionate to break down these barriers to your success. 

Start saving time, saving energy, saving money and start getting results.


"Working with Kiera has changed my life for the better. She meets me where I am at, and goes above and beyond the call of duty to help me become stronger. She inspires me, and educates me!" 

Carrie Duquin

"Kiera is THE BEST Pilates instructor! Not only does she understand the principles of Pilates and proper alignment, she understands how each client is unique and will meet you where you're at. Kiera understands when to push you further to make you stronger, while simultaneously leaving you feeling calmer and overall better physically, mentally, and emotionally. As a fitness instructor myself- I can honestly say, Kiera is in a league of her own. Cannot recommend her enough!"  Bridget Eimer

"Kiera is a Pilates professional dedicated to helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle-physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Her passion and commitment to health, well-being and Pilates principles is exhibited by enthusiastic, energetic and thoughtful instruction. 

She is meticulous with her content and form. I have high benefited from her kindness and instruction."

Paul Edmond 

"I had massive back pain/weak hips when I first started with Kiera. Working with Kiera for these short four months has been such a blessing for so many parts of my body. I no longer need to go to the therapies I was attending because of the strength I've build with Kiera. She is such a great person, coach, mentor. She listens to what you say your needs are, what issues you're having, and will adjust the training if you are having pain. She will never disappoint with her professionalism, personalized workout, upbeat personality. She is passionate about what she does. She is even more passionate about how she can bring out your confidence, strength and poise. Kiera wants more than anything for you to feel great in your body. I would and do recommend her to every one!" 

Telisa Holmes

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