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Balanced Body MOTR®

Mobile Reformer? Foam Roller? The MOTR® is both and more! The MOTR® an innovative Pilates apparatus that uses an adjustable pulley system to strengthen you from head to toe. The dense foam roller offers all the benefits of a traditional foam roller with the added benefit of challenging your balance. 

When not in use the MOTR arm stores neatly inside of the the foam roller, making this the worlds' most convenient and portable training tool.


Pilates on the MOTR

Friday’s @ 7:30am EST

RESIST uses the MOTR to strengthening and challenge your muscles and endurance.



$9 per class

Have a MOTR®? Work out when you want, where you want. Pick your class by intensity level, length or muscle group!


MOTR® Rentals

$50 for 2 weeks, pick up 
$70 for 2 weeks, delivery

Missing RESIST or Pilates on the MOTR® classes?  Looking for a challenge?  The MOTR® is a Pilates apparatus that uses a dense foam roller and pulley system. Rentals are available for delivery on Fridays 12-3 pm or pick up on Saturdays 10-10:30 am. Local Rentals Only, 

Access to select MOTR Classes included in rental.

MOTR: Classes


Class Guide

Level 1

For individuals beginning Pilates, those with restrictions, sore, tired, or a generally looking to feel refreshed after class. Props are used as assistance.

Level 2

Individuals who are adept to Pilates principles and terms, seeking more strength based class, and for days that feel energetic. Props are used as resistance.

Level 3

Athletes, competitors, and highly active people who like their limits challenged and endurance provoked. Props are used for strength-based resistance.

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