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Our Movement. It has always been, and will always be about quality. We are dedicated to teaching the 9 core principles of Pilates to give people the power to enrich their bodies, relationships, and community. We are passionate about balance, versatility, resilience and improving quality of life.


Kiera Obst

The creative goal smasher

Loves: Sunshine 

Dislikes: Whining Kids

Motto: "Little Triumphs"

Believing and teaching that growth and success happens one moment at a time and one decision at a time.   


Kiera has obtained over 15 internationally recognized fitness certifications since 2009,  in addition to her bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership. Kiera has been trained on all 5 of the Pilates apparatus through Balance Body, but has found a special connection with the Pilates' Reformer, Pilates' chair, and the Pilates' Ladder barrel.  

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